Happy New Year

Just as Christmas gives us the opportunity to look at what was in the past throughout the previous year, to assess it, to keep the experiences that we do want and to discard those experiences that we do not want, New Year allows us to look forward and create the year that we do want. Christmas is the time of ending as the darkness ends and the light begins. New Year is a time of beginnings. That does carry the proviso that there is a difficulty of moving into a new future, into a New Year if we are stuck back in the past. You might need to refer to the previous blog ‘don’t look back in anger’ which is all about letting go of the past.

Thoughts become things
What we think about we bring about. That is as true of everyday as it is of every year. The reality is that you will be writing your script for the year ahead right now. Your success or failure in your endeavours starts with you right now, deciding what will be happening.

An Idea
If you were to project forward to New Years Eve 2018. It is a party held in your honour. Someone has called the gathered throng to silence as they begin to read a speech. The contents of the speech is all about your achievements and successes throughout 2018. How does it sound. Is the substance “well not a lot was achieved due to a lack of energy and will power?” Or would it be “well you wouldn’t believe what has been achieved over the last twelve months?” In reality, what will be in that speech is the mindful choices you are making right now.

This is your choice. Same old same old. Next year you feel all the sense of a year wasted. Or the decision to make this year special, to allow yourself to do, achieve and be as successful as you need to be to make yourself happy. If by the end of next year you are smiling you will have cracked it.

If you haven’t completed the task set out in the ten steps of the Live In The Present book then you might need to go and get a copy and get to it. Understanding the natural laws of human consciousness, letting go, allowing, gratitude, abundance and so on, are the seeds of success. You can, with persistence and consistence, create your life and the best version of you that you desire. You just need to be prepared to do a little work.

This blog is short and simple because the message is short and simple.

The things that you think about you will bring about
You are the author of all that you experience
You are the author of your life
What you feed will grow and what you starve will die
You will never be effected by events but by how you respond to those events
You have choice all day and every day
The choice for happiness is called mindfulness
The choice for unhappiness is called mindlessness

Most importantly you are not alone. There are always people around who will help you overcome your obstacles and create your fulfilment.

There is so much that you can do
Attend a mindfulness course, get a mindful coach, go into therapy, learn to meditate, read everything that you can, listen to positive mindful teachers, Ted talks and audio books.

Gove yourself the value and the time that you deserve to become who you truly are.

Happy New Year

Sean x

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