What is a Chakra? A Chakra is a wheel, or a vortex of energy that exists on many levels in the body. Different system define a chakra is various ways. The Brain We think of the brain as a lump of tissue in our skull. Try thinking of your brain as your entire nervous system. […]

TSHP123: The Physical Effects of Emotion

What’s Coming This Episode? A listener request this week as Sean and Ed dive into the relationship between emotional and physical pain. It’s a fascinating world and one that we’re only just beginning to understand (in the West at least)… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a link […]

When Did You Last Play?

Watch a couple of children when they first meet each other, how long is it before they start playing with each other? Usually not very long. The thing about children is they do not need permission to play, they do not need to organise it, they just simply do it. When did you last play? […]


Dealing with Depression People tell me about being stressed, when they are not, they are busy. People tell about having the flu when they haven’t, that have a cold. People tell me that they are depressed when they are not, they are a little bit down. The natural flow of human emotion is to be […]

Help with ‘Blended Families’

The Blended Family “Blended Family” I love that phrase and the concept behind it. I am not sure where the phrase “step family” comes from but blended certainly sounds a whole lot better. This week on the podcast Ed and I have been talking about what to do when we inherit an extended family. We […]

TSHP119: How to Get Motivated

What’s Coming This Episode? Want to do something in life? ANYTHING in life? You’ll need some energy. Some of us find it naturally but most will need a metaphorical shot in the arm every now and then (daily in many cases). But Why? It’s time for Ed & Sean to discuss… Enjoy the show, it’s […]

Get (and Stay) Motivated

Motivation – is about having fun In this weeks podcast Ed and I have been talking about motivation and how you keep going when you feel like you are running out of energy. The trick is that you need to be living your dream and not other people’s. Motivation is about the life energy that […]