Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Do you need to be perfect or are you perfect as you are right now? I am walking down the road and looking at the people coming towards me. I am surprised by the amount of women who are obviously ‘Botoxed’ and have fillers creating that ‘trout pout’ look. To me they look ugly and […]

The value of routine

Habits create routine and routines create habits It is said that we are all creatures of habits. I guess that if you subtract your bad habits from your good habits you will have some idea if, over all, your habits are serving you well or ill. Habits, as we have said many times in our […]

Intelligent Energies

This week Ed and I invited Jeff Jefferies to join us on the podcast. Jeff is an expert in the use of intelligent energies. He uses his ability to manipulate the energy of the universe to effect healing, even over great distances, and to ease geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is like a block or a […]

Is the internet making us dumber?

For me the short answer is no. However, what the internet is doing is changing our emotional and cognitive responses to ourselves and those people around us. Aspergers and Autism People who are on the spectrum of Aspergers and Autism differ from the rest of the population in that their emotional expression and understanding is […]

TSHP150: Why Do We Cheat?

What’s Coming This Episode? There are many reasons why men and women cheat on their partners. Revenge, a change of scenery, boredom and more… but is it always a negative thing to do? Can we learn to be faithful? Let’s dive in… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean […]