Good Grief

Dealing with the grief that follows after death is something that can never be understood unless it has been experienced directly. I see so many people who feel a sense of guilt because they are still grieving only three months after a loss when, in reality, grieving takes a long time, and sometimes may even […]

TSHP243: Take Some Responsibility

What’s Coming This Episode? We’ve spoken about how much power we do (or do not) have in recent episodes but what happens if we feel paralysed to use it? Worse still, what if we simply choose not to due to habit? With great power comes great responsibility, so the saying goes… Enjoy the show and […]


We have been, unintentionally, following a theme in the podcasts over the last few weeks. I hadn’t realised it until we had Jodie on board and we were talking about veganism and, in some ways, the rights of animals. In recent podcasts we have discussed many subjects all of which are related to, or have […]

Does power have to be all bad?

We have been developing a theme in the podcasts over the last few weeks. In December we looked at letting go of what was and then looking forward positively to what will be coming next. We then moved on to Veganuary and then the experience of being an outsider. All these topics have an underlying […]

TSHP241: How to be an outsider

What’s Coming This Episode? Humans tend to go around in groups. We live and spend our lives with other people. But what about the times when we feel alone or left out? What about the teenager that’s struggling to fit in or the traveller that is the only white face in a crowd? This week […]

Being an Outsider

In many cases on the podcasts we look at the idea of “us’ and ‘them’ as in are you one of us or one of them. Often in society we are saying do you belong, are you one of us. In this episode we turn it around and look at what happens when we are […]