Why Remember Anything? What is memory for? Memory happens in all sentient beings. It’s primary function is that of safety. Memory tells us what is safe and what is a threat. When we are able to remember we are able to survive in safety. Over time we lose memory Psychologically we remember things because we […]

Why do we fear failure

The Importance of Failure We live in a world of opposites that are totally dependent on each other, one cannot exist without the other. Hot and cold, high and low, rough and smooth, light and dark, happy and sad, positive and negative, rich and poor, good and evil, the list is endless. Yet each of […]

Humour and Offence

In the light of recent events in Paris we thought that it would be timely in this weeks podcast to address the issues of humour and offence. Which I guess begins with the idea of what is humour and what is offence? So I thought I would follow up with this blog. Humour This is […]

TSHP084: Does Karma Exist?

What’s Coming This Episode? Karma is a word that a lot throw around but what are it’s origins and does it really exist as a universal law? What say we investigate it this week? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a link to this week’s blog post by […]

What is Karma?

Karma is the process of learning What goes around comes around. Everyone gets theirs in the end. Concepts of Karma are those of the consequences of action. Karma acknowledges that the things that we do have an effect, this is the consequence. Attached to that is our responsibility for what we do and the effect […]

New Beginnings Require Endings

Our collective psyche is filled with the idea that one thing follows another, when someone dies and then a baby is born we see it as an ending and a beginning. We say things like ‘when one door closes another one opens’. The magical idea of endings and beginnings is with us throughout life. In […]