Terror vs Mindfulness

This week Ed and I were looking at the issues that are affecting us all at this time, those of the terrorist incidents in Manchester and London. We thought that it is time to revisit the Law of Allowing. This is week six of the Live In The Present course. In this Law we begin […]

TSHP208: Mastering your anxiety

What’s Coming This Episode? Anxiety crops up in almost every show we record in one form or another, but every now and then we like to focus on it with laser precision. Anxiety can be hugely debilitating so learning to live with and master it is an important skill. Over to Sean and Ed… Enjoy […]


We have been here before and I expect that we will come back here again. Anxiety is the number one issue of emotional disturbance in western society. Last time I looked at the research over 60% of patients visiting their general practitioner were said to be suffering from anxiety but were presenting with other symptoms. […]

Love is a Drug

In this weeks podcast Ed and I have revisited the topic of splitting up. We had an email which effectively was saying ‘how do you get over it and move on when someone you love has left you, but you are still in love with them. Relationship counselling is an active part of the therapeutic […]