TSHP095: Say Goodbye to Anxiety

What’s Coming This Episode? We’ve talked about anxiety before but it’s such a huge issue that we need to approach it again. Anxiety can creep up on us and, before we know it, it’s affecting our every decision. No more! Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a link […]

TSHP094: What’s in a Midlife Crisis

What’s Coming This Episode? Growing old affects us all in different ways. Some embrace it whilst some fight against it. Our attitude towards age and growing old is vitally important and is something that needs talking about. So let’s do it… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a […]

Midlife Crisis

What on earth is a midlife crisis? What is midlife come to that? Well, when it comes to timings, in theory at least, it has to be happening later these days. In previous generations people were lucky to live to 60, then the 30s would have been midlife. Now as we are all moving towards […]


Even when we are doing nothing we are doing something. To the person who always needs to be busy, someone who meditates or simply stops long enough to enjoy the view, may be seen as a procrastinator. Yet, perhaps it’s the person who is being still and apparently doing nothing who is seeing the real […]

Influential People

Who do you remember the most? Which people have influenced you most? (Might be good or bad) Are there people that you would thank for their influence or effect on your life? Perhaps there may be people that have had a direct effect on the way that you think and feel, or on the very […]

I love me, who do you love?

Us Brits are not good at blowing our own trumpet. We can have real problems in understanding the difference between positive self-acceptance, which is really self-love, and arrogance or being up your own backside. Now, I think this is really sad because self-esteem is essential for so many things in life. From allowing us to […]