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TSHP052: How to Grow Old Gracefully

What’s Coming This Episode? Oh my word, we’ve somehow managed to clock up a whole year of podcasts! It’s been a joy to be honest (aside from the late Wednesday nights editing the darn thing) but first we’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all who have listened and continue to support the […]

TSHP051: The Purpose of Life

What’s Coming This Episode? What is life about ? Why are we here? It is easy to think that we know it all, that we have the physical world taped and that we know all about life, but what is really going on here? Finding the purpose of life is a lifelong journey but it’s […]

TSHP050: The Importance of Kindness

What’s Coming This Episode? Kindness is in the same spectrum as love. It is part of the positive forces that brings people together, solves problems and creates happiness. Worth discussing then wouldn’t you say? It’s The Self Help Podcast! Enjoy the show 🙂 Show Notes and Links Sean’s blog post where he writes about kindness […]

TSHP049: For the Love of Money

What’s Coming This Episode? Why do you go to work? Do you jump out of bed shouting ‘hooray’? If not why not? A few people will be doing what they do each day because they simply love it and would carryon doing it what ever happened. Sadly many people will be going to work simply […]

TSHP048: Where’s the Willpower?

What’s Coming This Episode? Do you ever feel like you have lost the will to carry on, or have no energy to get going? Why is it that some people seem to have boundless energy while others have none at all? Well, we’ve got just the podcast for you… It’s The Self Help Podcast. Enjoy the […]

TSHP047: Children are a Challenge

What’s Coming This Episode? Apologies in advance for the quality of Ed’s sound in this one… small gremlin in the works! Having a child is arguably the seminal moment in a person or couple’s life. Its undeniably wonderful for all sorts of reasons, but what else can’t be denied are the pressures and challenges that another […]

TSHP046 – Spring Clean Your Life

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s Easter time so Sean and Ed are looking at the themes of new life, spring, resurrection and more. The thinking behind this episode is that NOW (rather than January/Winter) is a much better time of year to get things done and plan ahead. Listen in to hear why now is […]

TSHP045 – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

What’s Coming This Episode? We all know it, but how many of us are really putting the hours in? Exercise and physical activity plays a vital part in our levels of wellbeing. Healthy body, healthy mind. Sean and Ed are delighted to be joined by their friend and networking pal Conrad Rafique of Rock Mountain […]

TSHP044 – Driven to Distraction?

What’s Coming This Episode? Why are you listening to this podcast when you could be doing something productive hey?! Only joking of course, listening to Sean and Ed is a fine way to spend your time. Seriously though, it’s never been easier to be distracted from the work in hand. Dealing with those distractions isn’t […]

TSHP043 Dealing with (and Avoiding) Separation

What’s Coming This Episode? The statistics on divorce are fairly well known and, on the face of it, rather bleak. Still, we’re living long and healthy lives and, knowing what we know about how people develop and change, then moving on from long term relationships should be something that we’re better prepared for. Agree? Disagree? […]