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TSHP356: Finding the Positives

What’s Coming This Episode? Well, we’re all settling in to our new way of living. It’s hard, for sure. Many feel trapped or disillusioned. Some feel a deep sense of loneliness or loss. However, are there some upsides to our new world? Is it OK to embrace certain aspects of it? Enjoy the show and […]

TSHP355: How’s everyone doing? #COVID-19

What’s Coming This Episode? The world has tilted on its axis in a matter of weeks. There’s pain and anxiety, but there is hope too. Sean and Ed dive in for a quick catchup on where we’re up to and setup the possibility of greater things to come for us all… Enjoy the show and […]

TSHP354: Life in Isolation

What’s Coming This Episode? COVID-19 has made a dramatic entrance in recent weeks. Around the world, life for us all has changed in ways we could barely have predicted just a few weeks ago. Isolation is a reality for many already and, as drastic measures are put in place, it will become reality for many […]

TSHP353: Performance Anxiety Disorder

What’s Coming This Episode? Performance anxiety should be well known to many of us, but can have a huge effect on the wellbeing of an individual. Sure, we may have heard of well known artists that struggle on stage. Their struggle is real, but it also can effect us every day Joe’s on a day […]

TSHP352: Social Anxiety Disorder

What’s Coming This Episode? Being a little shy is one thing, but imagine being completely unable to cope in social situations – at work, at your local supermarket… social anxiety disorder is real and requires serious work to overcome. Let’s have a chat about it… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help […]

TSHP351: Time to Be Kind

What’s Coming This Episode? People often suffer in silence. Many go through that trauma in silence. But when a high profile man or woman leaves us we are left to ask why, as a community. The death of Caroline Flack has asked us all some very big questions one of which is, why can we […]

TSHP349: Dealing with a panic disorder

What’s Coming This Episode? Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterised by recurrent unexpected panic attacks. One thing is for sure – they ain’t much fun. In our mini-series focussing on different types of anxiety, Sean and Ed take a look at panic attacks and how to deal with them. Enjoy the show and take […]

TSHP347: How do we tackle procrastination?

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s important to take time out. We all know that. But when does taking time out become time wasting, laziness and procrastination? Let’s dig in… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a blog post to accompany this episode – […]