Never Say “No”

“No” is such a negative word. It is short, sharp and creates an ending. When I was trained in the science of Mantra it was suggested that M and N were directly in the middle of the alphabet and that the ‘M’ sound involved closing the mouth and gathering energy in hence the mantric sounds […]

Relationship Advice: Where Did the ‘Spark’ Go?

Professor Stephanie Ortigue in October 2010 found that the quick release of a cocktail of chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenalin and vasopressin, some of which act in tandem, is what creates the high that could be called falling in love. Across a crowded room our eyes lock, love at first sight… The emotional elastic […]

TSHP073: What a Waste!

What’s Coming This Episode? Sean is mad with rage (well, as mad as Sean can get – which isn’t all that mad really) as he’s been reading about the amount of food we in the UK waste each year. It got us thinking about waste in general, about time and how much we value the […]

What do you Waste?

This is one of those topics that gets me energised. So at the outset I will own that my attitude comes from someone who was brought up in poverty where there was never really enough and because of that everything was used to the full. If a chicken were there for Sunday lunch it would […]

TSHP072: Dealing with Long Term Illness

What’s Coming This Episode? Whether you’re the person suffering from a long term illness or you happen to be caring for a loved one on a near-full time basis, your life is likely to be very challenging. Help is out there through, and it starts today with a few words from Sean and Ed… Enjoy […]

Dealing with Long Term Illness

Mindfulness and long-term illness Mindfulness is a conscious state of living, or being, in the present moment. That is to be ruminating on past unresolved events or fearing futures that may never happen. This state of mind is reached through the practise of specific techniques normally associated with meditation. Though to the practitioner of mindfulness […]

TSHP071: The Importance of Failure

What’s Coming This Episode? Failure, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder; only you can define your failures and acknowledge your successes. Behind every great genius, inventor or business person extraordinaire there lies a huge catalogue of failures. So… how many mistakes have you made today? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! […]

The Importance of Failure

We live in a world of opposites that are totally dependent on each other, one cannot exist without the other. Hot and cold, high and low, rough and smooth, light and dark, happy and sad, positive and negative, rich and poor, good and evil, the list is endless. Yet each of these symbiotic twins are […]

TSHP070: Dealing With Abuse

What’s Coming This Episode? A serious topic this week: domestic abuse. Where does it come from? Why does it take so long for those suffering to speak out? There are countless underlying issues to discuss here, and Sean spends roughly 20% of his professional life dealing with this in one form another. So here goes. […]