Is generosity the key to happiness?

When I talk to people about generosity the first thing that comes into their mind tends to be money. There are many levels of generosity that I will come to later but let’s begin with the idea of money and stuff. Most selfishness, xenophobia and meanness is about our inability to share money, possessions and […]

TSHP215: The Importance of Allowing

What’s Coming This Episode? You can’t change the world, you can only change yourself, so the saying goes. No matter how much work you put into yourself at some point you need to interact with reality and that means OTHER PEOPLE. Trouble is, not all folks are as enlightened as us, so how do we […]

Let the Idiots Be Idiots

This week Ed and I were looking at how to cope with the behaviour of someone close to you that you do not agree with, even to the point where a close family member is doing bad things. We got an email from a listener who wanted to know how they could cope with a […]

TSHP214: The importance of smiling

What’s Coming This Episode? When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Right? Seems obvious really, but keeping up a chirpy outlook and a near permanent smile is harder than it sounds. Let’s find out why and how we should smile as much as we can… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The […]

TSHP213: Do films and games make us violent?

What’s Coming This Episode? Films and television have been around a while. Games, not so much. Do either have an impact on how we act in real life? Sean and Ed take a look at the evidence in this weeks episode… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and […]

Do films and games make us violent?

There is, and I suspect always will be, a debate about what effects the individual and what is responsible for their behaviour. The world seems to fall into two schools that we usually describe as nature and nurture. The issue is, are we effected by events?, or are we effected by our response to those […]

TSHP212: How to recover from a traumatic event

What’s Coming This Episode? There are certain things happen in our lives that leave an indelible impression. These events may last a moment but they can linger long in our memories and, if not properly dealt with, can lead to a downward spiral. So how do we recover from a traumatic event? Enjoy the show […]

How to recover from traumatic events

This weeks podcast was requested by Ed because he was feeling disturbed by an event that he had witnessed on his way to work that resulted in a man’s death. He was left with some feelings of trauma, some flashbacks and problems with concentration. His question was what is trauma and what is it that […]