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Rights of passage

You spend years developing your family. Your kids have good bits and bad bits. There are times when you could happily strangle them all and times when you love their bones. Then when you have learned to live with the madness that is called family hey, they go and leave home. The fact that they […]

How to Reform a Racist

I have brought in a few resources on this one so have a look at the links below. BBC News: Implicit bias: Is everyone racist? I am not sure if any of us are not racist. By racist I mean that we prejudge other people by where they come from not who they are. […]

Networking Works

Someone once said to me that “Networking” is what fishermen did when the weather was bad. They would repair their nets so that when the weather improved they could be out there catching fish with good tackle. Thinking about it when we go networking we are preparing for when we can do our work, same […]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Some years ago a beautiful young girl named Mia, suffered a stroke. Strokes are tough at any age but it always seem so cruel when someone is so young. Mia was dynamic, resilient and positive. Despite what she had been through and the difficulties she was living with Mia managed to live her life as […]

Do intelligent people live longer?

I have a fascination with people. I am continually intrigued by the way that we think, feel and act and as I observe the world around me and my fellow human beings I often ask ‘why’? Why are they saying that or doing that? Where does that feeling come from and what does it mean? […]

How to be a great leader

What a subject and what a time to be talking about it. Somebody once said something like, ‘those that want to be leaders should never be allowed to do so’. This was something that I didn’t really understand until I began working with managers. Oh my, there  are some awful managers out there and many […]

Learning to dance in the rain

In virtually all forms of symbolism water represents emotion and creativity especially in the magic of dreams and visions. When we dream of water it is an expression of inner emotions being processed. The dreams may be hard, easy or simply interesting or mystifying. Each dream is an expression of what is going on inside […]

A Day In Your Life

Over the last two podcasts Ed and I have been looking at our own days, what we do, and how that works for us. So, mine was a day in the life of a psychotherapist and this week we did a day in the life of ED. It was, for me, quite strange doing it […]

What it takes to be a Psychotherapist

This week Ed and I had been talking about our working days and comparing the differences. This ended with him suggesting that we do this weeks podcast as a ‘day in the life’, so we have started with me as the Psychotherapist, next session we should do a day in the life of Ed. So, […]

The sweetness of doing nothing

There is something that is quite magic and something that we Brits hardly ever do, it is what the Italians call ‘The art of doing nothing’ or ‘La Dolce Far Niente’ literally translated as “the sweetness of doing nothing”.   “I learned about this concept while watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s masterpiece- Eat, Pray, Love, the other […]