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TSHP393: Why do we listen to the prophets of doom?

 What’s Coming This Episode? For Sean a prophet of doom is someone who is habitually expressing the negative or pessimistic views of whatever is going on despite a general feeling that things were going well or at least getting better. So… why do we listen to them so much?? Enjoy the show and take […]

TSHP392: 12 Days of Kindness

 What’s Coming This Episode? We could really do with a bit of happiness as we come to the end of year one of C-19. It has been great putting up the decks and the lights and a joy seeing all the homes around doing the sam thing. I was going through olds files and […]

TSHP391: Did I hear that right? Miscommunication in Relationships

 What’s Coming This Episode? Twice, in the last month. I have had to deal with couples who have got to the point of being about to part company because one person misheard what the other person said and the following miscommunications tumbled into a battle. The impression that I get is that in the […]

TSHP390: Giving and Receiving – Not Just For Christmas

 What’s Coming This Episode? Christmas will soon be here and we begin to talk about giving and receiving. ‘It is the season to be Jolly’. Why do we wait until Christmas to be jolly and to enjoy giving gifts or enjoy receiving them? This happiness that we expect at Christmas should be with all […]

TSHP389: Dealing with uncertainty

 What’s Coming This Episode? So, will lockdown end on December 2nd? Will we be able to have a normal Christmas? Is it okay to book a holiday for next year? Do I need to go out and stock the house with all the products that we might need if all the shops run out […]

TSHP388: The Joy of Pets

 What’s Coming This Episode? Our fellow animals can play a big role in our lives, typically via two routes. The first is through the hugely positive impact they can have as pets or companions to us. The other is as food. What’s the role of pets in our lives and how do we combine […]

TSHP387: Let’s look on the bright side

 What’s Coming This Episode? The mayhem continues on Planet Earth but it doesn’t have to be bad news. Things could always be worse, right? A dose of positivity from Sean and Ed this week… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a blog […]

TSHP386: Love and Forgiveness

 What’s Coming This Episode? During C19, the various restriction and lockdowns I have seen more and more cases of conflict, argument and ruptured or severed relationships. The relationships have been both personal and professions. It is as though some people are running out of that magic glue that stick families, friends and communities together. […]

TSHP385: The Colours of You!

 What’s Coming This Episode? The one gift that Covid has given us is the opportunity for self reflection. For many of us life is generally so busy that we have little time to think about ourselves or our wellbeing. Those people that get involved in mindfulness learn to take some time to observe themselves […]

TSHP384: How to work on your mental health (and get your sh*t together)

 What’s Coming This Episode? Things are about to get real in the UK – serious restrictions for many are in place. Add in the colder, darker weather and things could get tough for many. We’ve just passed World Mental Health Day but Ed and Sean try a different angle here. Time to buck up, […]