New Years Resolution’s 2022

     “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.”

According to JW von Goethe if you never start what needs to be one you will never finish if. An evident truth that we often avoid through distraction and displacement. 

Happy Covid New Year

However your Christmas has been and however it has been effected by Covid we are into the New Year. The past is behind us and it is time to move on. It maybe that this is the year that we accept Covid as a part of our annual life and that we get used to the idea of yearly vaccinations alongside the flu job. Accepting that there will always be the naysayers and conspire at theorists who will refuse the jabs most people will comply and hopefully this infections, and the others that I am sure will come, can be held at bay.

So, let’s move forward positively

What will you resolve to do, make different or achieve in this magical year of 2022?

New Years resolutions require of us. that we let go of all the emotional baggage that we are carrying from last year to enable us to move forward into the new year and our new achievements. So, let’s agree to put is all down now and leave it in the past.

Once you decide on your resolutions your goals will become within your reach. In fact deciding what you know where you want to go and what you wish to achieve is the difficult bit. The easiest bit is achieving them. It is a simple process. It just requires commitment and action on your behalf. The following steps might help you on your way…

1: Have clear goals – be sure about what it is that you specifically want to achieve. This is so important. Many people fail to achieve what the want because they are not clear at the outset. This what we would call the image.  

2: Write it down when you write something down you are reinforcing your intention to achieve it in your conscious mind. Repetition is very powerful. Every habit that you have ever developed, both positive and negative, are the result of repetition of thoughts and actions. 

3: Focus on one thing at a time – don’t allow yourself to become confused and overloaded, or distracted. Many people do not achieve what they really want because they try to do too much at the same time. This dilutes your attention, ability and energy and make you less effective.

4: Pick your tasks logically  – make a plan and stick to it. A wonderful phrase is ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’. It does not take long at all to look at what needs to be done, what steps need to be taken. The steps are your plan. The time that it will take to take the steps is your time line. Once you have an image, a plan and a time line it is time to begin.

5: Ensure that your actions serve you well – Ask your self “What can I do right now that will bring me one step closer to my desired goal?” as often in the day as you can. To effect real and lasting change it need to be something that you are focussed on. Everything that you do in a day can take you nearer to your goal. Remember… 

what you feed grows and what you starve dies.

The more you feed your ideas and images the more successful they will become.

6: Educate yourself – Make sure you develop the knowledge and skills required to complete your goal. On your journey you will become aware of your deficits in skills and knowledge. There will be things that you will need to know. Do not be afraid to ask for help and assistence. There is little point in reinventing the wheel when other people have been through exactly the same process before you. We can learn from others mistakes.

7: Keep it simple  – start with simple tasks, worry about the difficult ones once you have got going. Pace yourself and be kind to your self. If your time line slips don’t beat yourself up just adjust your plan and your time line.

8: Ask advice from an listen to other people: Anything else that you need to know can be learned on the way. Keep talking and keep sharing. Most importantly listen to feed back. Feedback is a priceless gift, use it well.

Start now – don’t leave it until tomorrow 

Review and adjust – check if you are making progress?  If not review what you are doing and adapt it and move on. 

Be persistent and consistent – until the goal is completed. Things are only ever achieved through persistent and consistent action.

Any one can achieve anything if the approach it in the right way and remain persistent and consistent in their efforts.

Happy New Year and enjoy your achievements

Sean. x 

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