Love that virus

There are a few times in life when the negative can be seen as a positive. Yet that is the nature of life. In a world where we do not have problems we only have learning opportunities, there are no negatives only different versions of positive. And, so it is with Covid-19.

When we learn to focus on the negatives we learn to fail to see any positives. That is just where we are at the moment. Collectively if we, as a nation, as a kingdom and as a species have learned to continually focus on the negative and give it so much importance then we fail to see any positive.

Every time we turn on the news we are assailed with information that feeds the negative. Unless we know how to deal with this and see it for what it is. The good news is actually better, more than and greater than the negative. When we focus on the negative we forget this.

It is the same when we look at the screen inside our head – what do we see? It is actually very easy to create a positive vision and image if the world that is here and the world that is yet to come. It is this simple…

What you feed grows and what you feed dies

The alternative is that you focus on the negative and we can all feel as bad as we like. Being positive is a habit.

The reality is that however difficult the virus is, it will pass. The world will go on and there will come a time when this is the past.

Previous generations have dealt with difficult times. This is our difficult time. What will we do with it?

Any difficult time will have hurts, losses, sadnesses, there will be grief, sadness and unhappiness. As hard as this is it is not the point.

It is not what happens to us, it is how we respond to it that counts

It will always be this way. It will never be any different.

Positivity and happiness is a decision, it is a choice.

When we look around us right now we will see so many examples of wonderful responses, behaviours, caring and love. If we feed that it will grow.

So today and everyday that you live you have a choice. Will you feed the positive or the negative? Your decision will create the future that we will all share.

In the end ‘Love is all there is’. If this virus is the motive force that turns humanity to acting in positive ways then some good may come from our suffering.

Take care, stay safe, and share the love

Sean x

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