Imagine where we could be after Covid-19

Our series on anxiety and the various forms that it takes has been overtaken by Covid-19 but in reality they both are feeding each other. The continual news about the spread of the virus and the potential devastation that it is causing are swamping the news media. It is strange that we report the amount of people affected or who have died but we do not report how many people left hospital today, having survived. Because there are also many thousands of people who are surviving the virus.

In the end more people will survive Covid-19 than will die from it but we don’t focus on that. I am not saying that we should not be sad or grieve for those that succumb to the virus. Many people will be lost to us who will be seen to have died before their time. It is easy at this point for us to be insanely angry about government, medical services, manufacturers, pollution, stupid people, meat eaters, I have heard all of these and many more. Sadly I have also heard so many negative feelings about Chinese people. To the point where Chinese restaurants have been boycotted, well they were before all eateries were closed. This makes me so sad and also quite angry. ‘If’ the virus did begin in a Wuhan market and ‘if’ this was due to eating animals that other people in the world would or do not eat it is not the fault of the Chinese. It would be the behaviour of a few people. All countries have people who do things that the rest of the country could not deal with but they do represent the entire country.

Surely with everything that is currently happening, we all to need to learn to look after each other like we have never done before. We can see just how a negative virus can spread across the world. Can we make a positive emotional and psychological virus of love, care, compassion and support? Could we spread a new way of looking at the world? Or, will it be business as usual? What sort of world would you like to create?

Imagine there’s no countries..

Imagine by John Lennon offered some very powerful images of how the world could look. If we get beyond the image of countries and borders and embraced the idea that we are all one there would be no them and us. We could really share and look after each other. I like that idea that whatever the colour of your skin, the shape of your face or the country that you live in we are all genetically virtually the same, we all have the same feelings, thoughts and aspirations, we have similar needs, desires, dreams and hopes, and we all bleed the same red blood.

Perhaps after this we could revisit the idea of the United Nations as a reality of sharing and cooperation.

Imagine there’s no money…

I wonder at what point humanity will realise that capitalism does not work. Well, it works for the few. The fact that there are poor and starving is a product of capitalism. Or the shortages and lack of supply, selfishness, greed and hoarding are all functions of the capitalist mindset. In a world where we all are equal, where all are caring and sharing there are no rich and no poor.

Perhaps after this we could look at the ideas of a universal living wage for all people on the planet.

Imagine no religion…

Many wars, discord, disharmony, terrorism and terror attacks are the product of religious sectarianism. The idea that ‘we’ are right and ‘you’ are wrong separates people into good and bad and creates prejudice.

Perhaps we could replace religion with spirituality, where all recognise that spark of universal life within each person and respect and honour each other with unconditional positive regard.

What could you imagine?

What about…

People using less air travel?

People using less car travel?

More people working from home?

Online working creating no difference between remote country and big towns?

Greater awareness of those around us that need our support and help?

More people walking?

More people using bikes?

More exercise?

Less illness?

Better mental health?

Re-creation of community?

So, what could you imagine? In a world where thoughts become things, what we imagine we can create. If we work together and share together and find common images we could create heaven on Earth. Thoughts become things.

Take care, stay safe and stay positive.


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