COVID-19 update: How’s everyone doing?

I watch as the world around me shouts at the screen as the news is being broadcast “which bit do you not understand people – just stay at home”. To realise that we each have some responsibility, not only for what has happened in the world but also for what will happen next,

Well, with lockdown now in force, and the force probably getting stronger, our lives are changing as never before. Well, not for this generation at least. The previous generations were very much in the world of hard work, suffering, make do and mend and most importantly the collective ‘what can I do to help other people?’ There will always be selfish and mindless people but in the main people are good and will do what they can. Once the fear has lessened and we know that we will be fed our attention will, hopefully, turn to helping others.

I received the letter this week asking me to come out of retirement and come back into the NHS to support staff. This, I am more than happy to do. At the same time the government is asking for 250,000 volunteers to come in and support the NHS. We all need to do our bit. In the First and Second World Wars this phrase became common place…

Your country needs you!

It reminds me of John F. Kennedy, President of the USA, saying in the 1960s…

Don’t think what can my country do for me

Think, what can I do for my country

If we can grab hold of the idea that ‘the’ country or society is actually us, we might then be able to say…

Our Country needs us

If we could make the big leap to identifying with all of humanity we might get as far as…

Our species needs us

But if we were to really go for it and start to take some responsibility for the mess that we are making of Mother Earth and all the other species that inhabit it, we might get to…

Our planet needs us

My hope, desire and dream is that out of this crisis comes a new awakening of human consciousness. Just as the coronavirus can spread from country to country destroying life, a positive viral idea of caring, sharing, love and acceptance could equally spread just as easily. This positive virus is the one that we don’t need to be vaccinated against, we need to accept and let it breed and multiply. Whatever is left for us after Covid-19 has done it’s thing we have a choice. We can either come closer together or move further apart. It is easy to blame countries, cultures and societies for what is or has happened. There will always be those we can blame when we refuse to take personal responsibility. This is the time to drop prejudice and use love as a tool to bring us all together. In the end war, negativity and hatred serve no one at all. Negativity breeds negativity. Life is a lovely thing if we choose to live it that way.

So, as the world gets madder over the coming weeks and months while we work this global pandemic out think to yourself…

What can I do for other people?

If we all begin to think this way everyone will gain. If, on the other hand we only think…

What can I get from other people?

No one will gain and in the end we will all lose. These issues are with us right now. There is enough food for everyone. Not just in our country but around the world if we all learn to share. The hoarders and the greedy make it worse for everyone including themselves.

Take care, stay safe and share the love.

Sean x

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