Things to be happy about

This week, as we are into the New Year, Ed and I decided to focus on the positive. The ‘Wired’ article, ‘It’s not all bad! 18 things that made the world a better place in 2018’, got us thinking.


We have all the bad news about pollution and the human ability to destroy the planet. However the good news is Nepal Tiger that we almost managed to make extinct has doubled it’s numbers and seems on the road to recovery. 

Two scientists, Miranda Yang and Jenny Yao have developed a catalyst that will break down the plastic in the ocean to enable them to bio-degrade. Considering that a single use plastic bag will take 450 years to degrade if left to it own devices

Virgin Atlantic made it’s first 747 flight using recycled fuel.


And we all need it, is starting to be dominated by AI. A new watch can detect changes in sweating that are the precursor of an epileptic fit, warning the wearing to get to a point of safety before the seizure begins.

I love this one because I used to run reminiscence session in elder homes. This has now been advanced to include virtual reality headsets that can take Alzheimer’s sufferers to recall memories from the childhood and early life that can be more real to them than the present moment.

Talking of AI a machine at Moorfields Eye Hospital was able to diagnose eye disease in 94.5 percent of cases. That is as good if not better than the leading ophthalmologists.


Donna Stickland won the Nobel Prize for physics. Being only the third woman to ever do so. Well done Donna.

This is a good one. Mosquitoes have been genetically engineered to reduce or stop them from spreading Malaria. That has to be one up for GM science.

Not so sure about this one. The first baby has been born after the successful womb transplant. Not sure where that one could lead us.


People are said to be spending less time on Facebook. That does sound like a good thing. However, it is only happening because the providers are manipulating again, and in reality it only works out to two minutes a day per individual. Which I guess is a start. Throughout the world population that computes to a total of 50 million fewer hours per year.

What about a cyber Robin Hood who is hacking into systems that do not protect our data too well and reverse hacking them. They are repairing and improving systems so that they work better and we are protected.

I could go on. There is so much to be appreciative and grateful for, not just in 2018 but, in life everyday. The human mind and creativity is an amazing and, largely untapped, resource. We all have the creative potential to contribute, if we just spend a little time to be mindful enough to give back.

That reminds me. The other day a client was telling me about a Harold Robbins 90 day programme designed to help improve you relationship. His simple, yet powerful, idea is that each day you ask your partner ‘what can I do for you?’ Rather than focussing the other way around ‘what I need you to do for me is…’

So back to my philosophy…

‘If we all look after each other we will all be okay’

Time to focus on the things that made you happy during 2018 and maybe consider asking your partner what it is that you could do for them in 2019.

Take care

Sean x

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