New Year 2019

I want to base this blog around a message on Instagram from Cheryl Rawlings who is an illustrator and calligrapher. Her suggestion is that for 2019 you do not plan those definitive things that will only let you down or perhaps feeling like you have not made it or that you have failed!

Cheryl has written a letter to herself…

Dear You’

This is the letter that you write to yourself about what you might expect to happen for you in 2019.

‘Put the planner down, next year is coming and it’s ok not to have it all worked out yet.’

We have just been through the stress of pre-Christmas and actual Christmas, now we have New Year and then we plunge into 2019. Do you want to create more stress by setting your self up for a strict set of rules to take you through 2019? It can be useful to write yourself a letter as though it is Christmas 2019 that can create a guide but guides can vary and alter.

‘Focus on the good things that you have done and don’t let the inner critic have a voice.’

That negative inner voice is the monkey mind that can create crazy levels of anxiety. It is so important to remember that ‘thoughts become things’ and that we have a choice as to what goes on in our mind?

‘Try new things, set some goals’

It is good to have some challenges, though these need to be things that are fun. The more you enjoy something the easier it is to do. When you set goals that you feel you ‘ought’ to do rather than you ‘want’ to do it can become really tough.

‘but don’t worry if you achieve other ones instead.’

The important thing to realise is that you are moving forward. If you have an open mind your path may vary, it may not stay the same. To be flexible and adaptable is important to happiness. When we are fixed we can create our own stress and feelings of failure.

‘Make your loved ones smile’

This is a good one. If all that you did was make other people smile that would be enough. There is so much research that shows the relationship between smiling and positive endorphins in the brain. Not just the effects that smiling has on you, but also when you smile at someone else their brain also secretes positive endorphins.

‘Learn to love yourself. It will be the best lesson you will learn.’

Charity begins at home. If you love yourself you will be able to love other people. Also you have to love yourself to allow other people to love you. We make the mistake of believing that self love is arrogance, it is not. Self love is the basis of positive self esteem.

‘Be present’

Live in the present is our slogan and at the very heart of who we are. You can only be effective in the present not the past or the future. Be here now and be happy.

‘Take the adventure’

We need a challenge. We all need to dare to try something new. Step out of ordinary and expand your horizons.


This has to be the most important. Unless you are enjoying life what is the point? Be happy, do things that make you feel good.

‘Love Me xx’

So get writing and make 2019 what ever you want it to be, but don’t get stuck in unobtainable goals.

Sean x

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