Looking after each other

The 13th November was national kindness day. While I completely agree with they need for us all to be kinder to each other I am always surprised that we might need an annual day to remind us to do it. Surely in a well balanced society we would do this as naturally as breathing. It probably has to do with the lack of wellbeing in my own childhood but I have seen much of life’s work as promoting how we can best serve each other. Along with all the other sayings that I find myself repeating is…

…if we all look after each other we all be okay…

I know that, in life, difficult things happen. However, if we all pull together and look after each other the negative effects can be minimised and the healing maximised. When there are floods, famines, droughts and disasters we can all help in our own way, however small we can, collectively, have a positive effect. The world may not be perfect but we could create heaven on Earth. To do this requires an amount of awareness and mindfulness and a sense of personal responsibility.

We can’t just leave it to ‘them’

There is no ‘them’ – ‘they wouldn’t let that happen would they?’ ‘they will make it alright won’t they?’ It is only when we realise that there is no ‘them’ there is only ‘us’ that the world will begin to change. We have to stop expecting the local council or the government to clean up the streets. We need to start picking up the litter ourselves or maybe not drop it in the first place.

We are all ‘us’.

We are all one race, the Human Race. Strangers are just family that we have yet to get to know. Because there is only one race, only one creation, when we cause harm to anyone or anything we are really just causing harm to ourself.

Charity begins at home

Because this is always true, we only harm ourself, it really helps if we can treat ourselves well with self-compassion and self love. It is then that we develop the inner resources to treat others with compassion and love as well.

Charity may begin at home but it does not have to end there. When we can see all of creation as ourself we might just begin to treat creation with the respect that it deserves.

Take care and be kind and happy

Sean x

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