Floods and Fire

This blog and podcast follow on from the last one. Kindness, love and compassion for creation might just be what is in contention at the moment. Are the global disasters of flood and drought a product of global warming or just simply the natural rhythms and flows of global weather patterns?

A reality check

Today I have been online to they Gulf talking to someone who is deeply emotional and upset because their home has been flooded in the recent, and unexpected, downpours that have hit the Gulf. This person had uprooted herself and her family and moved lock. stock and barrel to the Middle East for work and a better life. Now everything that they had and all that they have worked for is either lost or ruined.

I am thinking there seems to be something a bit crazy going on for a dessert to have a complete years rainfall in a couple of days. Is this the real effects of global warming?

I hang up the Skype and check the news to find out that the death toll in the California wild fires has just hit 50 with a couple of hundred people unaccounted for. Again I am thinking is this the real effects of global warming?

When we are getting floods in desserts and fires in fairly equitable climates it is surely time to take stock.

Have we already broken this planet? Most importantly can we change our behaviour and save it? I go right back to my good friend Ed and his rant about how we all need to get out of our cars and walk and cycle. He is right.

Ed is good to talk to at times like this as he has tremendous energy and drive to attempt to make things different. His commitment to the local community with traffic and transport issues seems to be paying off and the planning officers are now beginning to include him in their decision making processes.

Practically what can you and I do about global warming?

Today is Grey bin day and putting it out there it is in my face again, the bin is crammed full of plastic and, over all, we are pretty good at what we buy. My mind is full of those images of plastic in the oceans with David Attenborough authoritative tones doing the voice over. I want to say that it is never too late but the monkey I’m head is saying ‘is it?’

What do you think?

Some people tell me that if it is already too late that there is no point in doing anything. While others fanatically want us all to be vegan, minimise everything that we use and change every aspect of our lives.

Can we down size our expectations of life? Do we want to?

It seems that we are at a choice point. If w eall turned down the heating and put another jumper on instead, limited all our shopping habits, if we stopped eating red meat, walked and rode rather than driving, stopped using single use plastic and only used clean energy and also embarked on a large tree planting program we might just hold the situation and then maybe reverse it.

The alternative would to dramatically reduce the human population. Perhaps that is what Mother Nature will do if we can’t take control of it. He ho, watch this space.

Take care and live mindfully

Sean x

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