Seduction, the truth and politicians

In the last podcast Ed and I were looking at the psychological phenomenon of ‘attitude alignment’, the idea that we, below our awareness, take on the prevailing attitudes of whichever group we are with. On the day we were recording that podcast, Theresa May announced that she was going to the country in a general election. It seems to me that this is a fabulous opportunity to watch attitude alignment in action as the various spin doctors and attitude manipulators do their best to sway us voters to embrace their attitudes. Are we actually being seduced?

I see both the advantages and disadvantages of capitalism and both the advantages and disadvantages of socialism. Though either does not seduce me. Last week Ed described himself as a ‘centralist’ and I guess I join him in that. The centre ground is where most people are. In this election the attitude aligners will attempt to sway the centre ground to either the left or the right. So, here we go again, another election. Prepare to be swayed or seduced.

Both Ed and I are not really politically motivated though we do have the shared attitude alignment in the belief that human beings are best served by coming together as groups in common interest rather than breaking down in ever smaller factions. Because of that we are both ‘remainers’ though not ‘remoaners’. And because of that fundamental idea in common unity we run, with Rie, Live In The Present and run courses designed to bring people together.

For me the issues of Brexit are not those of economics or immigration they are those of the development of human consciousness, which I see as the reality of evolution. The process of evolution that took single celled organisms to the primates and homosapiens of today is not only the evolution of biology, physiology, sociology and psychology, it is also that of evolving consciousness.

Evolution is not something that did happen and then stopped, it is happening right now in you and me and all around us. Evolution continues and forever will do so. The key to understanding evolution will always be the investigating evolution of consciousness. Evolution is the increasing awareness and awake-ness of mind that is expressed in physical form. In many senses evolution is the increasing ability of consciousness to become aware of itself.

Looking back at social history we can show that behaviours and practices that were acceptable a few hundred years ago are now considered difficult, wrong and unacceptable. After all it was only in the 1960’s that women in Britain ceased to be the property or chattels of their husbands or fathers. In many countries women still suffer inequality with their men folk. I suspect that many women in Britain would, even now, feel that they do not have full equality.

As our human consciousness evolves people’s behaviour gradually develops to be less damaging and more helpful to itself and to all other beings and even the environment and the planet as a whole. With greater awareness we learn to attend to the needs of each other. As I often say my simple life philosophy is that…

…if we all look after each other we will all be ok

Without going over old ground too much social history shows us that the division of countries across Europe and across the world led to the two great world wars. Following the creation of the League of Nations, the United Nations and the European community, NATO and the multi-various trade agreements have all been the expression of the natural desire of consciousness to envelope. That is human beings growing in awareness, coming together and working together.

Division and separation, in the end, serves no one and creates more problems for human beings and all sentient beings and the environment on the planet.

Look out for the aligners
Who is attempting to align your attitudes with theirs. Each party and each group will be attempting to get your vote. One thing that we need to consider is whether people are telling us the truth. Ed raised several cases where Trump and May have been shown to be lying. Psychopathic behaviour when applied to politicians is the ability to appear genuine and sincere and then go and do something completely different. When someone will tell us anything at anytime to get the response that they really want we need to be mindful and listen for the sound behind their words, what is it that they really mean? What are they really saying?

If you recall that vast amount of money that was advertised on the side if the UKIP bus that would be put into the NHS which was then denied by Farage when he was directly questioned in an interview.

Being seduced can be fun
When I go to replace my car I love that process of the salesperson doing whatever they can to secure the sale. It is seduction in action. There is nothing wrong with being seduced as long as we are mindful of what is going on and that we are seduced with both our knowledge and consent.

So, through out this election period enjoy the seduction that you will be subject to be friends, family, the media or even on the doorstep. Be mindful of what is happening and simply ask your self ‘Why are they saying that, what do the really mean, what is the true sound behind their words?’

Take care and be happy


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