Happy 200th Birthday to us :)

Hey, we have got to number 200, that’s over 100 hours of podcasts and a lot of blogs. I have to begin with a big thank you to all of you who have read the blogs and listen to Ed and I over the last four years. You have a lot of sticking power. We have both been really pleased by the positive response that has come our way in both texts and emails.

So, this week we popped a bottle of bubbly and settle in, by a log fire (can someone wake up spring!), to talk about celebration and as usual we wandered around the subject. Our celebration was about having come this far with the podcast, share some ideas with each other about where we might go next.

I would also like to thank Ed for his steady contribution and continued commitment to the podcast. I remember the first ones that we attempted and than had to bin before we finally got to something that we thought would be good enough to put out on the air. Amazingly they were liked and we shot into the top ten ‘new and notable’ on iTunes where we stayed for some months and even hit the number one spot, fabulous.

The one person who should have been on this 200th celebration with us was Rie, who does so much behind the scenes. Sadly Rie suffers from some form of modesty, not shared by Ed and I, where she avoids cameras and microphones as much as she possibly can. Saying that, we did get her on one podcast when she was talking about the amazing work that she does at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Half way through the episode she accidently knocked a glass of water into the keyboard of her mac and we had to pause the podcast and sort it all out. The laptop was repaired, but I doubt we will ever convince her to get behind a mic again, though we will carry on trying.

So, I want to thank Rie for all the work that she does for the Live in the present site, the podcast, books and courses.

And, to you reading this, and listeners of the podcast, I want to once again thank you. Without each and everyone of you the podcast would not have happened or continue to happen. Thank you all for listening, for your feedback and ideas and your ongoing support, cheers.

Last of all I want to thank all the guests who have given their time to come on the podcast and share their work and their lives with us all. You know there really are some amazing people out there doing some amazing things. Maybe you would like to come on the podcast and share the mindful things that you are up to in your life.

To the awake mind all of life is a celebration. Every morning when we wake into a new world we can celebrate the dawning of a new day. With every breath that we take we can celebrate the wonder of our life. life is a journey from our first in breath to our last out Breath.

Now I am off to finish this bottle of bubbly with Ed and celebrate just how good life is.

With love and gratitude

Sean x

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