Should Drugs Be legal?

They already are!!!!

Alcohol, nicotine, tannin, caffeine, legal highs, all easily available on the high street. What about exercise, chocolate, carbs? They all create a chemical dependence in our brain chemistry. But would we think of religion, education, reading or knitting as addiction?

We all have an internal and individual chemical normal. Your internal chemistry is different to mine, but when yours is in balance you feel that all is as it should be. If you had my chemistry you would feel horrible, like wise if I had yours.

The nearest we get to normal is at the moment of birth, yet even then our individual internal chemistry is set by the genetics from our parents and from the things that we ingest like our mothers milk. As we grow and move on in life different experiences create different internal chemical states that, when repeated, we experience as normal. In the end we say, “that’s just the way I am”, no it is not, it’s the way we have taught our system to be. What it comes down to is that you normal chemical balance is your addiction and you will do things to maintain your normal. That is called ‘your addictive behaviour’. So what is yours? Remember the person who needs to go to mass everyday is as addicted as the cocaine user, it is us that see it as good or bad.

A class drugs are those substances that we, collectively as a society, have decided are so bad they should be made illegal and people, our population, should be (are) banned from using them. The popular image of a Class A addict is of a spotty no-good living in the gutter. Yet, functional addicts are everywhere.

Functional alcoholics famously run governments, functional cocaine addicts run the financial sectors and functional heroine addicts run businesses. I am not saying that we should all go around ‘off our cake’ and ‘out of our tree’ but being stoned is more common than we realise.

Does drug addiction damage people? Yes! Should we do something about it? Yes!

Human beings have used drugs throughout their evolution. The chances of this stopping are remote. Making drugs legal enables us to take control of them and it stops the negative associations such as people trafficking, violent crime, robbery, prostitution, and so on.

There is another issue of balance. The government creates income from the tax on cigarettes. There is also a cost in the health costs of the diseases caused by smoking. Is the income greater than the health costs? I do not know the answer. However, if all drugs were legal and subject to tax, we would create income to deal with rehab and recovery. At the same time we would reduce violent crime and maybe make the world a little safer.

Whatever your addiction is, be happy and live in the present.

Take care

Sean x

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