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Over the last ten podcasts Ed and I have taken you through the steps that make up the Live In The Present course and book. These steps are focussed around how we can free ourselves from those things that hold us back and make us fearful of moving forward. When you have completed the steps, which may take a lot longer than ten weeks, you may need to revisit some steps several times, you will then be at a point where you are becoming free to get on with your life and create what you really, really want.

One thing that I hope you have gained from the podcasts and the book is that the key to success is almost always based in serving others. When we do things that are of benefit to other people we are in a state of service or, what is known as Bhakti. To be in business and to work honestly and fairly so that what we do is of service to others means the business grows. The money that we create is the by-product of the service that we offer and deliver.

Working positively with each other fulfils my fundamental belief that…

If we all look after each other we will all be alright

The knowledge that there is enough resources for all of us, be it love, money, energy, waters, and so on, works if we share what we have.

The one thing that we can all share, in an easy way, all day and every day is love and well-being. We make minute by minute choices as to where we will put our energy, either positive or negative?

Those people that seek to make things as positive as possible I call the “workers”.

A worker is someone who does the best that they can in each situation for the good of us all. This might be that you are able to bring food to the starving or water to the thirsty or it might simply be that when you go to a shop or meet someone at work that you do your best to make it as positive an interaction as you can.

If you leave any situation better than when you found it, or if you focus on the positive despite the odds, if you attend to and look after the needs of people (including yourself) then you are a “worker”. When a worker has passed you, you will feel it. You may not understand it. But you will feel happier, lighter and more positive knowing that you have been with or met a “worker”.

If you want to be a worker, on whatever scale, nothing is too big or too small, then shine some light into the dark, bring some happiness into the gloom, create laughter and not tears. Be happy and live your life to the full

Take care

Sean x

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