It’s Party Time. All the Time.

Come On Let’s Celebrate

A quick look at celebration because we have made it, episode 100 of the podcast!

Ed, Rie and I have been working away over the last few years developing the Live In the Present site and service. Ed has been focused on design, working on the site, the books and currently on the audio visuals for the new “Live In The Present” on-line course. Rie runs the site, processes the book orders and our Facebook and Twitter pages. Day after day she both sources and creates the most amazingly positive images, ideas and sayings that are a daily inspiration for so many people. Along with keeping Ed and I in check! My role has been writing the books and courses and, of course, Ed and I have spent time each week researching and recording the podcast. Then Ed edits and puts it up on the net, creative genius.

So, in celebrating our work to date I want to thank Ed and Rie for their amazing contribution to what I see as “The Work”. The work is done by all those that attempt the make the world a better place, help us resolve our issues and enable people to wake up to their full potential and happiness. Ed and Rie are real and committed workers.

I want to thank all you wonderful people who read, listen and participate in our work at Live In the Present. Every week we have over a thousand regular listeners to the podcast and over time we have over two hundred thousand downloads. It has all been fun and amazing.

Celebration is important

When we celebrate what we have, where we are and all those around us we are acknowledging our gratitude for being alive. It seems to me that we should spend more time celebrating, thanking and acknowledging the goodness that is all around us.

We celebrate at births, birthdays, christenings, weddings, graduations, and even funerals. There are even people who have divorce parties. But everyday can be a celebration. Every morning when you wake you have the chance to celebrate the wonder of a new day. In the evening you can celebrate all that you have enjoyed in your day.

When did you last have a party? When did you find a reason to celebrate with your friends or family. So, come on let’s celebrate.

Be happy and party

Thank you all

Sean x

Ps. stay with us for the next hundred episodes and we will celebrate 200.

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