TSHP021 – Are You the Master of Your Stress?

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What’s Coming This Episode?

Is it just us or does everyone seem stressed these days? Are we all just working too darn hard? Stress is an interesting thing in that it doesn’t really exist; it’s something that we create ourselves. With that realisation comes the power to wave goodbye to it at any moment. So… how stressed are you?

Are you really stressed? Are you sure you’re not just overly busy? If things are getting out of control then there are some great ways to bring your energy back to where it should be.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes and Links

Resource of the Week

  • Sean has a very relevant resource this week – the Anti-Stress App for iPad
  • Ed has been using the Instant Heart Rate app for iPhone. There are loads of them in the App Store so take your pic but this one is good as, if you pay for the full version, it allows you to track your heart rate over time.

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