Can Happiness Buy Money

Can Happiness Buy Money?

Have you ever thought to yourself “if only I had ….. I would be happy”? The ….. could be anything. Perhaps a person, a car, a job, money, whatever. There is often that inner belief that “if I only just had that ….. I would be really happy”. Yet, all the evidence shows that the opposite is true. Last week we asked whether money could buy happiness. This week let’s see if the reverse is true – can happiness buy money???

Can Happiness Buy Money

Recent work on how our mind and brain work and our understanding of neurology, neuropsychology and quantum physics, all suggest that our experience of life is generated entirely from within. We are the author of our own story, good or bad. People that feel that their lives are happy on the outside are happy on the inside. Just as those that feel that their life is unhappy on the outside are unhappy on the inside. The phrase most commonly used to explain this is…

‘Thoughts become things’

Understanding that what you think about is what you bring about is known more commonly as The Law of Attraction. Books like The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne and The Attractor Factor, by Joe Vitalie explain in easy bite size chunks how the laws of attraction function. Our own work at Live In the Present and our book show ten clear steps to achieving exactly what you desire.

[quote style=”boxed”]We are the author of our own story, good or bad[/quote]

Success requires that you live in the present

At LITP we identify that those that live in the past create depressive syndromes while those that live in the future create anxious syndromes. The people that are really effective in life live in their present and the key to that is happiness. To be free of a depressive past and an anxious future allows us to be happy right now.

What you feel is what you live

The feelings that dominate what you are living are attachment, aversion and, craving. Living in the past is attachment to events and objects that no longer exist that you are, perhaps, in bereavement about or feeling some level of loss. Living in the future creates craving towards, or an aversion against, your imagined future. None of these emotional states allow you to live in the now and it is only in the now that you can be truly happy.

As on the inside, so on the outside

Because what we are experiencing and creating in life is generated from within, to be rich on the outside we have first to be rich on the inside. This is so important to understand. To live a life that is rich and abundant we need first to feel rich and abundant within our mind and emotions. I guess it is obvious that if we feel good and positive so that we are creating a happy life then we will have more motivation, become more inspirational and find it easier to make money than if we are miserable negative and unhappy.

The Unhappy Millionaire

Now, I know that you don’t have to be happy to make money. I have worked with many miserable, unhappy but very rich people. But I do know that happy people find it easier to make money. But the bonus is that happy people are wealthy in things other than money.

The Happy Millionaire

The trick is to be financially rich and emotionally wealthy. Many people that are financially rich are emotionally bankrupt. Those that are wealthy live with a richness of love, life and experience and that is happiness. Of course there are also those that are wealthy but financially poor

Wealthy people are happy people

So the deal is this: you do not need money to be happy and, you do not need happiness to make money but you do need happiness to be wealthy.

What is it that would make you feel wealthy?

Take care,
Sean x

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