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TSHP267: How do we combat intolerance

What’s Coming This Episode? ‘The only thing you should be intolerance of is intolerance.’ That’s the saying, but does it hold up? Is intolerance a natural reaction to a lack of understanding or does it go deeper? Sean and Ed dive in on a big issue… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self […]

TSHP266: How to be a Mindful Mother with Tanya Leary

What’s Coming This Episode? This week we welcome author Tanya Leary, author of Time for Bed Baby. Becoming a parent is an incredible, exciting, exhausting adventure. Time for Bed Baby celebrates the bond between parent and child and the simple pleasures of the bedtime ritual whilst also recognising the need for mums to take time […]

TSHP265: Beware the Imposter Syndrome

What’s Coming This Episode? We preach the importance of confidence on this show quite a bit but when it goes missing then we can feel like imposters. Imposter syndrome is a serious condition and well worth exploring – bit it’s not as simple as it seems as first. Enjoy the show and take care, it’s […]

TSHP263: Help! I’m Addicted to Gaming

What’s Coming This Episode? Gaming addiction is officially a thing – the WHO say so, so there. Addiction of any kind can be a serious issue though, so it’s worth getting on top of it before it becomes an unhealthy obsession. Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and […]

TSHP262: Mindfulness and Mental Health

What’s Coming This Episode? Mindfulness is the key to happiness right? Wrong! Well… maybe. Sean and Ed dig in to the darker side of mindfulness and learn that, if not approached correctly, it can actually be a harmful tool. Let us know what you think in the comments… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s […]

TSHP261: What do you regret?

What’s Coming This Episode? Life. So many things to see and do. Places to visit, experiences to experience. So what happens when we miss out on things or when opportunities pass us by? Regret, that’s what. So how can we tame our regret and stop them from bogging us down? Enjoy the show and take […]

TSHP260: How to break up and remain friends

What’s Coming This Episode? Sometimes relationships come to an end. It happens every day. They tend to end with a bang – an explosive finale from which there is no recovery. But can they end well, with both parties still on good terms? It can happen, but rarely does. So what’s the secret of a […]

TSHP259: A Podcast About Privacy & Trust

What’s Coming This Episode? Everyone is talking about privacy at the moment… but generally it’s in the form of digital privacy thanks to some clever (and necessary) new data laws pushed through by the EU. Digital privacy is one thing (we’re updating our policy here at LITP of course) but why are some people more […]

How important is privacy to you?

On the 25th of May the European world changes and all those organisations and companies that keep records or our personal detail will now have to ask our permission to keep them and to explain on what basis they are keeping them. You may, as I have, been inundated with emails asking if you want […]