TSHP241: How to be an outsider

What’s Coming This Episode? Humans tend to go around in groups. We live and spend our lives with other people. But what about the times when we feel alone or left out? What about the teenager that’s struggling to fit in or the traveller that is the only white face in a crowd? This week […]

Being an Outsider

In many cases on the podcasts we look at the idea of “us’ and ‘them’ as in are you one of us or one of them. Often in society we are saying do you belong, are you one of us. In this episode we turn it around and look at what happens when we are […]

Why Do We Eat Meat?

This week we had a guest, Jodie B, who can to talk about veganism and more importantly veganuary, the idea that for just this first month of the year we could maybe go vegan and see what it feels like. Regular listeners will know that I am a veggie. What that means is that I […]

Happy New Year

Just as Christmas gives us the opportunity to look at what was in the past throughout the previous year, to assess it, to keep the experiences that we do want and to discard those experiences that we do not want, New Year allows us to look forward and create the year that we do want. […]

Don’t Look Back in Anger

Christmas is here again. It seems to come around so fast. Somewhere in the human psyche we seem to use Christmas as a marker of the ending of the year. I suspect that this goes right back to the pagan rituals and the solstice that acknowledged the end of darkness, because we are at the […]