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Fear & Doubt

Doubt and Fear Doubt and fear are both forms of anxiety and worry. Worrying is a habit. Being happy is a habit. If you are a worrier, or if you are happy, where did you learn it? These, like all habits are the result of consistent persistent practice over time. Most habits are learned at […]

The Work

Doing The Work Over the last ten podcasts Ed and I have taken you through the steps that make up the Live In The Present course and book. These steps are focussed around how we can free ourselves from those things that hold us back and make us fearful of moving forward. When you have […]


Your dreams are just the right size for you …that is if you are prepared to live them. Whatever you decide to do with this magical thing called life, it may be to create something as large as a mountain or, it may simply be to create happiness and wellbeing. No task that we take […]

Money, Money, Money

Your Money Is Your Energy Of Life In this episode of Live In the Present Ed and I are looking at the value of money. Is it a dirty filthy thing that corrupts all that touch it, a force for good, or just simply energy? Perhaps, just like beauty the value of money is in […]

The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing In this step on the course Ed and I have been talking about the law of Allowing. This is one of the hardest steps in the Live in the Present course. “The only thing you should be intolerant of is intolerance” Plato If you feel angry or disgruntled when someone with […]


If you have been following the steps in the book you will have let go of the past, focussed on gratitude and, come mindfully into your present. Are you in your present? The chances are that you may not be there yet. The work that has been laid out in the previous steps may take […]

Be Mindful

Step 4 In the podcast this week we have been looking at Mindfulness. In the previous steps we have focussed on letting go of the past. Mindfulness requires that we are living in the present having let go of the past and not worrying about the future. Focusing on the past leads to depression and […]

Reasons to be Grateful

Step 3 Gratitude In this step we are looking at Gratitude which is “The Secret”. When we live with gratitude we create a happy way of looking at the world and therefore a happy and fulfilling life. This is not some kind of naive hippy philosophy it is embedded in science and psychology. Happiness is […]

It’s Time You Forgave Yourself

Time to apologise? In Step one you looked at how you feel about other people and the negative things that they did to you, but what about you? What about those people that you have let down? Do you blame them or yourself? Is it time to acknowledge those negative things that you have done? […]