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Tidy house, tidy mind?

Thanks to Rachel, one of our long term listeners, this week we found ourselves talking about author Marie Kondo and her book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’. It seems that the tidiness movement is huge and Marie has a massive following. So why should we tidy? Why should we want to? If you think […]

Dealing with Self Doubt

The podcast this week follows on from last week when we heard Alex describe herself as “only a hairdresser”. My point to her was that she was not giving herself the value that she deserved. We had an email from Luke, as follows… “…I am plagued with self doubt, low self esteem and pessimistic points […]

Deciding to take the journey

In this weeks episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Alex. She and I worked together a couple of years ago as she made the magic changes of getting rid of the habits she had developed that did nor serve her well and replacing with new one’s that did. Like all of us, her habits […]

Letting Go

A listener Judy messaged in…”Please can you help with ideas for how I can try teaching my 7-year old child about letting go? She is very sentimental about some items and memories, which become a focus for sadness. I would love to be able to help her resolve these feelings, instead of them piling up […]

Disappointment Revisited

A listener messaged in asking us to revisit the subject of disappointment. We had looked at the subject in episode 159 and tended to focus around the hot topic of the EU and the potential, whatever the outcome, for half the population to be disappointed. The request here was to look at the effects of […]

Finding the one

A listener emailed in asking about relationships. They had been hurt in the past and currently felt insecure in new relationships. The question raised was how do we ever know if this is the ‘right one’, if this is really ‘the one’. I have worked with so many couples who met and fell in love […]

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty is a form of anxiety. Anxiety is living an imagined future right now. To be anxious is to not live in the present. Anxiety and uncertainty are bed fellows. Even the most focused and determined of people can never be 100% sure of the outcome of life or their endeavours. Yet, we are not […]

The Joy of Pets

This week, as I write this blog I have been for a run with my trainer Conrad. As we ran down the lane I notice a brown dog ahead of us. She saw us coming and stopped to allow us to catch up with her. As we passed Conrad and I both naturally greeted her […]