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Surviving The Winter

Well, Winter is upon us once again. It seems to have been a long time coming this year as the warm/mild weather has stretched out into November. But suddenly with ferocity the sky seems to have opened and we are in the grip of floods. With global warming we were promised warm dry summers and […]

Anxiety Addiction Disorder (AAD)

This weeks podcast is at the request of a listener who reports ‘drowning in his partner’s anxiety’. He asked if his partner could be addicted to anxiety and if so is there a cure. The answer to the first question is ‘yes’ and to the second ‘maybe’. Like most things, anxiety is in the eye […]

Hygge: The Art of Living Danishly

My good friend Andrew very kindly gave me a very enlightening book simply called’ Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures. Living the Danish Way.’ This sent me on a search to discover more about Hygge (pronounced “Heurgha” or “Hooga”). I found an action for happiness talk on, a site well worth visiting, where I […]

How to beat the bullies

The requests for podcasts have been rolling in from listeners, and long may it continue. This week we were asked to discuss bullying. This is a subject near to my heart because, as you may know, my father was a bully and I was effected by his dysfunctional personality. As a young child my father […]

Sibling Rivalry

Thanks to a listener who wanted some advice about getting on with siblings Ed and I found ourselves talking about our own brothers and sisters. It made me realise the stark contrast between my own upbringing and that experienced by both Ed and Rie. My own young life I described as being ‘thrown in a […]

How to Deal with the Naysayers

Definition:.. …a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views despite a general feeling that things were going well.. You must know them, you might even be one, Naysayers are everywhere. If the sun is shinning it is too hot, if not it is too cold, too wet, too dry, whatever it is, it is […]