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Can Empathy be (Re)Learned?

There are three emotional states that exist when we connect with other people in a way where we can, or we think we can, feel what they are experiencing. Different people will define these word, feelings, or emotions, differently so let me begin with my own definitions so that it is clear what I am […]

Change, Loss and Moving On

Loss assumes that we own something. We cannot lose what we do not have or own. This may seem obvious when we are talking about losing a watch or having a wallet stolen, if our house is burgled or the contents of car taken. Yet, there are many levels of loss that are not material. […]

Never Say “No”

“No” is such a negative word. It is short, sharp and creates an ending. When I was trained in the science of Mantra it was suggested that M and N were directly in the middle of the alphabet and that the ‘M’ sound involved closing the mouth and gathering energy in hence the mantric sounds […]

What do you Waste?

This is one of those topics that gets me energised. So at the outset I will own that my attitude comes from someone who was brought up in poverty where there was never really enough and because of that everything was used to the full. If a chicken were there for Sunday lunch it would […]

Dealing with Long Term Illness

Mindfulness and long-term illness Mindfulness is a conscious state of living, or being, in the present moment. That is to be ruminating on past unresolved events or fearing futures that may never happen. This state of mind is reached through the practise of specific techniques normally associated with meditation. Though to the practitioner of mindfulness […]