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Struggling to meditate?

This week Ed and I got to talk about one of my favourite topics, meditation. It has been an interesting issue between us for years. I think Ed would like to be a meditator but just can’t get into it. I guess the fact that I told him years ago that you don’t have to […]

Does Manogomy Work?

This week on the podcast Ed and I dived into the issues of relationships and their boundaries. Having been asked, by a listener, to look at the concept of monogamy we expanded this idea to look at other common types of relationship that couples are now engaging in. So having considered this, how would you […]

Be Happy

I have come to the clear conclusion that when we feel both happiness or unhappiness it is a matter of choice. Many people have become angry with me when I suggest this. They will tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about, that if I had to deal with their problems or […]

Dealing with a Liar

Well, I think that we are all liars. I do not know anyone who does not vary what they experience and how they respond to be both sensitive and respectful. The truth after all is the way that I see it. In his book ‘Sapiens’ Yuval Noah Harari explains how human language developed through the […]

Struggling with an eating disorder?

Ed requested this podcast that was inspired by things that he has been reading. I regularly have clients that are struggling with eating issues though in most cases these are to do with obesity. When people talk about eating disorder they normally are thinking about weight loss not weight gain. According to the Priory Group […]