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Disappointment Revisited

A listener messaged in asking us to revisit the subject of disappointment. We had looked at the subject in episode 159 and tended to focus around the hot topic of the EU and the potential, whatever the outcome, for half the population to be disappointed. The request here was to look at the effects of […]

Finding the one

A listener emailed in asking about relationships. They had been hurt in the past and currently felt insecure in new relationships. The question raised was how do we ever know if this is the ‘right one’, if this is really ‘the one’. I have worked with so many couples who met and fell in love […]

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty is a form of anxiety. Anxiety is living an imagined future right now. To be anxious is to not live in the present. Anxiety and uncertainty are bed fellows. Even the most focused and determined of people can never be 100% sure of the outcome of life or their endeavours. Yet, we are not […]

The Joy of Pets

This week, as I write this blog I have been for a run with my trainer Conrad. As we ran down the lane I notice a brown dog ahead of us. She saw us coming and stopped to allow us to catch up with her. As we passed Conrad and I both naturally greeted her […]

Dealing with Chronic Pain

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Imagine that you are hammering in a nail when you slip and hit your thumb. You jump up and down, suck your finger, say a few blue words, you shake your hand and carry on hammering. Now, imagine that someone is holding down you hand so that you […]

Regaining Trust

On the podcast this week Ed and I were talking about trust and what happens once it has been broken. So much of what we are and what we do in society is based on trust. On the trading floor of the Baltic Exchange the world’s only independent source of maritime market information for the […]

How to be Happy

Is happy news good? As a psychotherapist I have worked with thousands and thousands of people as individuals, couples and, groups. There have been those that are naturally happy and positive and those who see the world from a negative point of view. Over the years I have learned what it is that makes happy […]