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Dealing with Long Term Illness

Mindfulness and long-term illness Mindfulness is a conscious state of living, or being, in the present moment. That is to be ruminating on past unresolved events or fearing futures that may never happen. This state of mind is reached through the practise of specific techniques normally associated with meditation. Though to the practitioner of mindfulness […]

The Importance of Failure

We live in a world of opposites that are totally dependent on each other, one cannot exist without the other. Hot and cold, high and low, rough and smooth, light and dark, happy and sad, positive and negative, rich and poor, good and evil, the list is endless. Yet each of these symbiotic twins are […]

Dealing With Abuse

What is Abuse? Abuse, like many things, can be in the eye of the beholder. What I see as physical or sexual abuse you may see as affection. What I see as violence you may see as passion. What I see as a totally put down you might see as banter or talking dirty. Abuse […]

What is Success?

How do you define success and how do you measure it? “Success is a term which gives you happiness and satisfaction. At the same time when you and others feel proud of you…” “Achievement of an action within a specified period of time or within a specified parameter.” If I follow the Ayurvedic model I […]

Starting Over

Starting Over It is the time of year when the summer has been spent and autumn is upon us, time to prepare for the dark months. The classic for most of us, is that we have been in the relaxed mode of the summer sun, taking it easy, maybe a holiday but over all that […]

Suicide & The Value of Life

The death of Robin Williams has struck a chord and raised an issue that has, up to now, been mainly hidden. Middle aged suicides in both males and females has remained largely unaddressed. This week Ed and I decided to dedicate the podcast to the sad loss of Robin who, apparently suffered depression, the onset […]

Food, Mood & Body Shape

Fat is an emotional issue In 1978 ‘Fat is a feminist issue‘ written by Susie Orbach. It encouraged women to look at their bodies and why they needed to look a certain way. This was especially important when women were renegotiating their position in western society and challenged the view that men had of the […]

Travel as Therapy

Why do we travel? Having just come back from a long weekend in the Yorkshire Dales I can directly feel the benefits of ‘getting away’. From where we live it is a two hour drive, and an easy drive at that. For most people ‘getting away’ involves planes, airports, delays and a good deal of […]

Watch Your Mouth!

Did you really just say that? Do you listen to what you say? Do you hear the tone of your voice? Are you aware of how others hear you? I guess if your answer to these questions were ‘no’ then you would not be reading this. However, becoming really aware of what is coming out […]