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How to use music to boost your mood

Music is something that effects us all probably everyday. Often we see music as a creation of man. Actually, music is as normal and natural as colour and all other energy systems. But let us start at the beginning.. “In the beginning was the word…” The Gospel according to John starts with the words above. […]

Mindfulness and Cancer

It is that time of year when we look at what, for many is a scary issue, it is Cancer awareness day on the 4th Feb. Its main objective is to get as many people as possible to talk about cancer. I find these podcast and blogs some of the most difficult to do. It […]


Shame just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is one of those things that is driven by the way that we see our selves and the way that we see the world. When a terrorist bomber is brought to court for killing many people, we might expect that they would feel […]

Is Self Help Selfish?

One of the good things about being older is that it gives you a clearer perspective on social trends and how fashions change since your childhood. I can remember when we all wore tight trousers and then fashion created bell bottoms and flares followed by the extreme of loon pants. I remember looking at them […]


This week we had Rehman Khan on the show. I met Rehman at an away day with one of the American companies that I cover here in the UK. On the away day I was giving an introduction to Mindful Mediation. For the practice session I used a breath focus technique during which Rehman fell […]

Can Money Make You Happy?

The answer is no, unless you are an addict and even then it will only be temporary. We are back to our old friend Dopamine, the love drug. Dopamine is produced in the brain and leads to feelings of joy and excitement. Dopamine is produced in response to a stimulus such as drugs or alcohol […]

12 Days of Kindness

Ed and I had been reading the Happy Newspaper and we came across the article on “The 12 days of kindness”. I love this play on ideas of the twelve days of Christmas. In the Christian Cannon the twelve days started with the feast of Stephen on December 27th. If you remember… …“Good Kind Wenceslas […]

Christmas games

I had one of those “what did you do when you were a child…?”, conversations. I was talking with a newly recruited nurse. She was from Spain and we were talking about Christmas. She was explaining that as children they were not given their Christmas presents until January the 6th, it is said to be […]

The Future of Memory

This week podcast was inspired by a recent research project being carried out at Southern California University. Theodore Berger is developing an extension to the brains memory. In the research, prosthetic implants were connected into the brains of the research subjects. These implants became an extension of the hippocampus. The Hippocampus is the section of […]