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It’s Time You Forgave Yourself

Time to apologise? In Step one you looked at how you feel about other people and the negative things that they did to you, but what about you? What about those people that you have let down? Do you blame them or yourself? Is it time to acknowledge those negative things that you have done? […]

Step 1 is Letting Go

Forgive and let go of your negative past In the first three steps of this programme we move from negative to positive by letting go of the past and becoming grateful for what is happening right now. Forgiveness may seem to be difficult but it’s sure not impossible. If you have problems with the word […]

Why Live in the Present?

Live in the present Well, we have done it. This is the introduction to the course “Live In the present” that I have run for many years with my lovely wife Rie, my amazing business partner Ed and some lovely helpers, David, Sharon and Dafydd. Happy times and good sessions. The course grew out of […]

Dealing with Depression

Depression People tell me about being stressed when they are not, they are busy. People tell about having the flu when they haven’t, they have a cold. People tell me that they are depressed when they are not, they are a little bit down. The natural flow of human emotion is to be high and […]

Intuition a blessing and a curse

Intuition is the sixth sense that resides above cognition and below awareness. When it is below awareness we call it ‘gut reaction’. Perhaps we meet someone and have an instant feeling about them, maybe that they are not so good. Yet we allow our cognitive mind to override our gut feeling. Other people have told […]

Timeless Advice For All Mankind

Buddhist texts are often so directly applicable to our experience of the modern world that it is sometimes easy to forget that many of them were written hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years ago. One such text is known as ‘Advice from Atisha’s Heart’. Atisha was a very famous teacher and scholar who came […]

Why Do We Tolerate Intolerance

It is said that the only thing that we should be intolerant of is intolerance. Yet to be tolerant of intolerance can create the most destructive of emotions and actions. If a ‘Hitler’ were to emerge again today, someone who inspired others to kill another six million people in cold blood, would it be ok […]

Bye Bye, Anxiety

It follows that anyone who lives in states of anxiety cannot be living with happiness, the two do not go together. The chances are that anyone who is experiencing levels of anxiety is not living in their own present. To be truly happy you need to be living in your now. Holding onto past happiness […]

Midlife Crisis

What on earth is a midlife crisis? What is midlife come to that? Well, when it comes to timings, in theory at least, it has to be happening later these days. In previous generations people were lucky to live to 60, then the 30s would have been midlife. Now as we are all moving towards […]