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Is the internet making us dumber?

For me the short answer is no. However, what the internet is doing is changing our emotional and cognitive responses to ourselves and those people around us. Aspergers and Autism People who are on the spectrum of Aspergers and Autism differ from the rest of the population in that their emotional expression and understanding is […]

Alone or Lonely?

Many people when they wake have such a fear of, or antipathy to silence that they need to fill the space around them with sound. On goes the radio, TV or MP3 player, the day has begun. I am not suggesting that we should not listen to things though it might benefit us to look […]

How to Combat Social Anxiety

The neuropsychology of anxiety – Worry or Fear? There is, I feel, some confusion about anxiety and its sibling panic attacks. I’d like to try in this blog and explain a bit about how the brain works, emotion and the appropriateness of different forms of therapy. At a scientific level our understanding of neuropsychology and […]

Free Will vs Determinism

Are the things that happen to you your choice or are they already determined? Do you have a future you can create or a destiny that you cannot? Is your life and the things that will and have happened to you a written script that has already been written or do you have free will? […]

How assertive are you?

A listener messaged to ask about being self assertive. For me the issues of self assertion and confidence run together. Confident people find it easier to assert themselves and people who are self assertive will tend to be more confident. A bit of a chicken and egg situation. I guess our starting point is what […]

Is Sex Overrated?

A listener emailed in and asked Ed and I to talk about sex and whether or not it was an overrated pastime. A very interesting question. We live in a sexualised society In a world that is dominated by sexual imagery in all ares of life from art to advertising it would be easy to […]