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Does what we own make us happy?

Over the last few weeks Ed and I have been looking at issues from migration to happiness. It seems to me that the movements of people that we see as populations from the war torn middle east moving north are people seeking happiness. We have been talking about whether or not the things that we […]

Should Drugs Be legal?

They already are!!!! Alcohol, nicotine, tannin, caffeine, legal highs, all easily available on the high street. What about exercise, chocolate, carbs? They all create a chemical dependence in our brain chemistry. But would we think of religion, education, reading or knitting as addiction? We all have an internal and individual chemical normal. Your internal chemistry […]


Bereavement goes way beyond death and the loss of a loved one. We may experience many losses in life before we experience our first death. When we experience any loss it is the emotional bond between us and that person, thing, event or object that we feel as they are stretched and sometimes, snapped. So, […]

Dealing with PTSD

What is a trauma? Trauma, is a Greek word meaning “wound”. A wound can be physical, mental, emotional, financial and so on. The concept of trauma comes from the idea that the wound, or event that is being experienced, is greater than our resources to deal with it. In that sense we have been overwhelmed. […]

Empathy For The Immigrants

In this weeks podcast Ed and I were talking about the wave of immigrants that are attempting to come through the Chunnel and join us in Britain. As we speak there is talk of the French army being lined up to deal with crowds of up to 2000 people attempting to rush the tunnel. The […]

Fear & Doubt

Doubt and Fear Doubt and fear are both forms of anxiety and worry. Worrying is a habit. Being happy is a habit. If you are a worrier, or if you are happy, where did you learn it? These, like all habits are the result of consistent persistent practice over time. Most habits are learned at […]

The Work

Doing The Work Over the last ten podcasts Ed and I have taken you through the steps that make up the Live In The Present course and book. These steps are focussed around how we can free ourselves from those things that hold us back and make us fearful of moving forward. When you have […]


Your dreams are just the right size for you …that is if you are prepared to live them. Whatever you decide to do with this magical thing called life, it may be to create something as large as a mountain or, it may simply be to create happiness and wellbeing. No task that we take […]

Money, Money, Money

Your Money Is Your Energy Of Life In this episode of Live In the Present Ed and I are looking at the value of money. Is it a dirty filthy thing that corrupts all that touch it, a force for good, or just simply energy? Perhaps, just like beauty the value of money is in […]