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Terror vs Mindfulness

This week Ed and I were looking at the issues that are affecting us all at this time, those of the terrorist incidents in Manchester and London. We thought that it is time to revisit the Law of Allowing. This is week six of the Live In The Present course. In this Law we begin […]


We have been here before and I expect that we will come back here again. Anxiety is the number one issue of emotional disturbance in western society. Last time I looked at the research over 60% of patients visiting their general practitioner were said to be suffering from anxiety but were presenting with other symptoms. […]

Love is a Drug

In this weeks podcast Ed and I have revisited the topic of splitting up. We had an email which effectively was saying ‘how do you get over it and move on when someone you love has left you, but you are still in love with them. Relationship counselling is an active part of the therapeutic […]


The word ‘Recognition’ means to re – cognate. So what is cognition? Cognition infers the mental (not emotional) action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought. The word thought is important here. We need to distinguish thought or cognition from feelings or emotions. Cognitions are not emotions – thoughts are not feelings. Yet, […]

Seduction, the truth and politicians

In the last podcast Ed and I were looking at the psychological phenomenon of ‘attitude alignment’, the idea that we, below our awareness, take on the prevailing attitudes of whichever group we are with. On the day we were recording that podcast, Theresa May announced that she was going to the country in a general […]

Attitude Alignment

Blaming your friends for your lack of drive could be real. So could blaming them for your energy and enthusiasm and for your prejudice, bias and bigotry. This story caught my attention and made me think a lot about why we are the way that we are. Where do our attitudes and beliefs come from? […]


“Feed the world”….So sang Bob Geldof and Co at Live Aid. A recent article in the Huffingtonpost looked at some psychological research that suggests that cooking for and feeding others is hugely satisfying for the cook as well as the recipients. As a cook, I love it, I know that feeling of joy and satisfaction […]

How To Keep Smiling

This week an article, ‘How the happiest people on the planet keep smiling‘, made me laugh, especially as Ed has been trying to become a meditator. The article reported research that pinpointed what it is that makes some people happy while others are not. So what does science tell us. Money. Many people consider higher […]