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It is said that the only thing that we should be intolerant of is intolerance. This is a paradox as to be tolerant of intolerance means that we are supporting the very opposite of what we are seeking to promote. To be tolerant of intolerance can also create the most destructive of emotions and actions. […]

How to be a Mindful Mother

Childhood is probably the most important time of our lives. It is the time when we lay the foundations of all that will follow in our life and effects our expectations, relationships and our entire wellbeing. It follows from that, that being a parent has to be the most important job in the world. This […]

Imposter Syndrome

This podcast was requested by a listener who feels that she has lost her self confidence to the point where she feels like an imposter or a fraudster when she is doing her job. This has led her to becom over alert, vigilant and anxious to the point where she is now beginning to make […]

Dealing with Disappointment

Being disappointed in life goes along with the theme of ‘do we have a problem or a learning opportunity?’. Disappointment assumes that we have some sort of failure which is often based in unrealistic expectation. Because these assumptions of an expected outcome involve projecting into the future, it usually means that the feelings of disappointment […]

Gaming Addiction

Did you catch the news this week? The world health organisation, ‘WHO’, has now classified internet game addiction as a recognised disease. Is it right? What is an addiction? We use the word ‘addiction’ to indicate an illness which is based on the behaviour of a person who is compulsively or habitually ‘addicted’ to a […]

Mindfulness and Mental Health

In most cases the press around mindfulness is all good and positive. We know that the use of mindfulness practises, such as meditation and learning to live in the present, reduce stress and can alleviate both depression and anxiety. However, there are a few people who, by using mindfulness techniques, disturb deep held emotions they […]


This topic has come up several times and each time we have approached it in a different way. We were steered in this direction by an article that was looking at the conflict between what we might see as our ideal self set against how we actually see what we have achieved. Are we good […]

How to break up and stay friends

We have visited this topic on several occasions for a variety of reasons. Usually this is in response to a request from a listener after the Christmas and New Year festivities that mark the beginning of the divorce season. That period just after New Year happens again at the end of the summer holiday in […]

How important is privacy to you?

On the 25th of May the European world changes and all those organisations and companies that keep records or our personal detail will now have to ask our permission to keep them and to explain on what basis they are keeping them. You may, as I have, been inundated with emails asking if you want […]

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Here we are in mental health week, the year goes by so fast. I want, in this blog to consider if we can learn from what happens to us. Do we have the ability to change in a meaningful way? When I think about this it seems that the rules of our physical health also […]