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It’s Time You Forgave Yourself

Time to apologise? In Step one you looked at how you feel about other people and the negative things that they did to you, but what about you? What about those people that you have let down? Do you blame them or yourself? Is it time to acknowledge those negative things that you have done? […]

TSHP099: Combatting Depression

What’s Coming This Episode? Finally, we’ve arrived at a point where depression is given the attention is deserves. Despite this, it’s still a condition that can go unnoticed so easily. How have we’ve managed to go 98 episodes without discussing this in details?! Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links […]

Timeless Advice For All Mankind

Buddhist texts are often so directly applicable to our experience of the modern world that it is sometimes easy to forget that many of them were written hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years ago. One such text is known as ‘Advice from Atisha’s Heart’. Atisha was a very famous teacher and scholar who came […]