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TSHP068: Lessons From Little Ones

What’s Coming This Episode? A special guest these week meant a change of plan for the show – Ed’s 2 (and three quarter) year old son William! Will stayed in the background most of the time (apologies for the odd interruption on his behalf) and left Sean and Ed to talk about the lessons that […]

TSHP067: How to Start Over

What’s Coming This Episode? When life is fun and the things that we do become a joy every Monday becomes a joy as we head back to work and every evening becomes a joy as we head home. When life is out of balance it does not work and we become unhappy. It’s at this […]

TSHP066: Suicide & The Value of Life

What’s Coming This Episode? The death of Robin Williams has struck a chord and raised an issue that has, up to now, been mainly hidden. Middle aged suicides in both males and females has remained largely unaddressed. The idea that suicide is cowardice is held by those with little understanding or empathy and they can […]

TSHP065: Food, Mood & Body Shape

What’s Coming This Episode? Food. We can’t live without it but it’s far more than just a simple source of energy for we civilised human beings of the developed world. A near unlimited supply of food for the lucky few plus access to a media that demands we be a certain shape and size, however, […]

TSHP064: Travel as Therapy

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s holiday season and people across the UK and beyond are packing up their bags and heading away for a week or two. Are they headed to the right places though? Travel is a wonderful thing and deserves a lot of thought. The right holiday can change your life for the […]

TSHP063: Watch Your Mouth!

What’s Coming This Episode? An interesting thing happens when you open your mouth to talk. Your mind hears what you’re saying. Do you listen to what you say? Do you hear the tone of your voice? Do you realise how you are heard by others? Well, maybe you should… Enjoy, it’s The Self Help Podcast! […]

TSHP062: Wasting Time

What’s Coming This Episode? At the start of everyday the universe gives you a cheque for time, that is 24 hours or 1440 minutes. The same happens everyday. That is 525,600 minutes per year or in a lifetime, if you live to ninety, and you probably will, a total of 47,304,000 minutes. What do you […]

TSHP60: Dealing With Rejection

What’s Coming This Episode? When we feel devalued by rejection it is because we do not value our self enough. The feeling of rejection happens within us, it is not done to us we do it to our self. That said, rejection is something that will haunt us all at one time or another, so let’s dive […]


Human beings, like most animals, live in groups. We have developed words to describe this. A shoal of fish, a flock of birds, a pride of lions, a herd of cows, a troop of apes and so on. Groups of people are called things like race, ethnicity, nationality, society, community, and family. We will even […]