TSHP240: Could you go meat and dairy free? All aboard the vegan express…

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What’s Coming This Episode?

This week we had our good friend Jodie B popped into the studio to talk about her year long experience as a vegan. Jodie has been a vegetarian for many years but took the leap to a plant based diet after realising that no level of animal cruelty was acceptable to her.

Sean, Ed and Jodie discuss the ins and outs of being a vegan from a health, moral and environmental perspective. Could you go meat free in 2018?

Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast!

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  • Brilliant chat, relaxed, friendly and I am sure people will listen and connect. Lovely to hear a sensible conversation, both sides, without judgement just good, simple information. Well done xx

    • Thanks Lynn! Really appreciate the feedback 🙂

  • Jacobs Ridge


    Really enjoyed it. It’s good to hear sensible and informed discussion with a good dose of humour. Keep it up guys and thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    • Our pleasure! Likewise guys, keep it up 🙂

  • WithNature Skincare

    Great discussion! A joy to hear Jodie’s passion for plant-based living.
    Keep it up, from the team at WithNature Skincare.

  • Sharon Neale

    Great to hear a sensible adult conversation about becoming and being Vegan / plant based. Enjoyed listening to it. Jodie is right about how easy it is to cook healthy meals using the Vegan Food Pimp cook book. I recommend Jacobs Ridge for a week of delicious Vegan Food. Set in a serene tranquil environment filled with love for all the rescued animals.

  • Jodie B Lang

    Heartfelt thank you to everybody that listened in and reviewed this podcast yesterday and to Ed and Sean for all their support.
    Live in the present make great weekly podcasts that are well worth a listen, subscribe via their site or via podcasts on your phone.
    have a great week.
    Love light peace.
    Jodie x

  • Fahd Kashmirwala

    Great podcast, it was very insightful to hear this. I ended up watching ‘Earthlings’ after this… and OMG!

    I am already doing Veganuary but that documentary and ‘what the health’ are really transforming how I feel about things.It has made me very mindful about how deep things really are when it comes to dietary choices.

    Keep up the good intelligent debates… we need more of this in the world.

    • Thank you Fahd! Really appreciate the feedback and best of luck. Spread the word!