TSHP007 – The Male Revolution

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This week we’re grateful as we’e finally on iTunes and a great deal of reviews have begun to appear. Thank you one and all!

Sean goes a little news crazy to begin with but we’ll let him off because he’s got the fitness bug thanks to his ‘Couch to 5K’ regime. Ed talks briefly about the sad news regarding Cory Monteith.

The Male Revolution is here! We men are in trouble emotionally,though, at least according to Sean. Ed, the pedantic dishwasher stacker, thinks he’s pretty advanced – he’s been on a bread making course! Seriously though, the role of the male is under threat: we’re outperformed at school by our female peers, we have higher levels of health issues and even suicide.  We discuss the end of the world very briefly.

Enjoy! Thanks for listening as ever.

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  • Mark Judd

    It is so good to hear you talk about the women’s roll the corporate boardroom. With the feminine revolution of the 70’s there was a real opportunity for empowered women to have a feminizing effect on the corporate world. The sad reality is that for a woman to succeed in the corporate world she has to behave like a man. The world is way out of balance on the masculine side, to our detriment. The more we can empower women, as women, the better off we will be. Also the more men can acknowledge and accept their feminine side the better off we will be. It comes down to balance – and we are way out of balance.
    Imagine a world in which we put as much time and energy into figuring out ways to get along as we put into figuring out ways to blow each other up.

    • Thanks Mark. Sean has some *really* strong thoughts on this and, I agree with you, it seems like humanity is missing an opportunity.

      Thanks for the comment. I think we’ll be discussing this one further in a future episode 🙂